We’re offering our 2nd annual summer STEM camp July , 2024!  Limited spots only. You may register for your child here.

Our regular coding/robotics classes are in the final stretch this month and will resume in the fall.  More information to come, however you may register your child for this program here:  Register here for our comprehensive  STEM Program

The AESA STEM Academy offers a unique and innovative curriculum that combines science, technology, engineering and math to give students the skills they need to excel in the 21st century.

This program is the most fun and advanced STEM program!
If any of you know the ARMATH program in Armenia, they have expanded to the US! The AESA (Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America) is offering the ARMATH program in Glendale. This is the flagship laboratory in the US.  There are almost 700 laboratories worldwide, across seven countries, offering this highly successful curriculum.
If your child (ages 8-18) has an interest in robotics, coding, 3D modeling, this is going to be an amazing program.
Register your child for the most advanced and fun STEM program in Glendale here.

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Telephone: 818-209-1122